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QBED create unique interior schemes with well thought out colour schemes, flooring and bespoke furnishings that reflect the individuality of an educational space from primary to university level.

Any area can be transformed but key areas include entrances, main halls, corridors, classrooms and external spaces. The main reception in any educational space is a fundamental area where the installations do work particularly well. The first impression with in any environment is important as it instantly sets expectations of the standards and quality of the organization in a welcoming, friendly and professional atmosphere. Creating this initial impression in these educational spaces reflects their approach to their learning standards, aspirations and ambitions.


"Pupils show greater respect for the new space"

[School feedback]

Such unique internal schemes create a warm exciting atmosphere that promotes quality and care.  Once a design concept has been created it can be utilised and extended into other key areas albeit in a slightly different way. These extended areas can be done in phases and this is a great advantage when an investment such as this is being made within tight budget constraints.


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